John Malkovich

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Part of being John Malkovich is helping those in need.

The actor became a celebrity hero after saving an Ohio man who fell into a Toronto street and began bleeding profusely after cutting his neck on a scaffolding pole outside of his hotel on Thursday, according to local reports.

Along with another man, who's been identified as restaurateur Ben Quinn, Malkovich rushed to 77-year-old Jim Walpole's aid after hearing his wife, Marilyn, yell for help and attempted to stop the bleeding until paramedics arrived.

"I believe [Malkovich] was having a cigarette and witnessed the whole thing happening, he placed his hand and started applying pressure to the man's neck and didn't let go until the ambulance arrived," Chris Mathias, the doorman for the King Edward Hotel, said.

Once the paramedics came, Walpole was taken to the emergency room at St. Michael's Hospital and was treated right away. He walked away with a broken left ring finger and 10 stitches in his neck. "The emergency room doctor said if [the cut] had been another eighth of an inch, I would have been in real trouble," he said. "It would have gotten into a main artery."

"I'm forever grateful to him, he really helped me out," Walpole said of the star's assistance. "I never had the opportunity to see him and thank him after the incident. I asked him what his name was and he said it was John."

Malkovich has yet to comment on the incident.

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