Seth Rogen Disses His Movie With Barbra Streisand, Says The Guilt Trip Is for "Airplanes Only"

This Is the End star joked on podcast "Doug Loves Movies" that the road-trip comedy was shot in "the format that plays on airplanes only"

By Natalie Finn Jun 10, 2013 10:34 PMTags
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Seth Rogen is admitting to actor's remorse.

The This Is the End star probably put an end to future projects with Barbra Streisand by revealing that he didn't like The Guilt Trip just as much as most people didn't like The Guilt Trip.

"We shot that movie in the format that plays on airplanes only," Rogen said last week on comedian Doug Benson's podcast "Doug Loves Movies," when the host noted that he had run across the road-trip comedy on two different flights. 

"They were like, 'Talk loud because the engine will be roaring,'" Rogen laughed. "'You've got to talk over the engine; there's announcements early on in the flights. You've got to take that into consideration.'"

But Rogen didn't just diss that promising-sounding but poorly received film.

His self-deprecation also extended to The Green Hornet, which he cowrote with Evan Goldberg and starred in, calling it the "perfect storm of bad s--t happening".

"We were making it for America and China at the same time," Goldberg added.

"We shouldn't make expensive movies where he can't just do a million dick jokes," Rogen cracked. "That's what we've learned over the years. That's our strength. Play to your strengths."