Chrissy Teigen, Amanda Bynes, Jennifer Lopez

Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Twitter; John Shearer/WireImage

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to putting her virtual foot in her mouth.

Case in point: Amanda Bynes.

The Sports Illustrated stunner chatted with E! News Saturday at the Guys Choice Awards where the social media star not only gushed over her hubby-to-be John Legend, but also confessed she regrets her Twitter musings "all the time."

"I mean, I'm very much in the heat of the moment and I say things that I'm feeling and then I'm like, 'Why did I do that?'" the model, who most recently tweeted—then deleted—her take on Jennifer Lopez's alleged diva antics at the Chime for Change concert.

Teigen continued, explaining how a few spur-of-the-moment tweets can spiral into a story claiming there's hostility between two stars, a fact which the model understands all too well (back to you, again, Amanda Bynes). 

"Because you have to realize that, ‘Oh, now we're in a feud?,' No! It was never meant to be a feud, I like to share different aspects of my life, but now I guess I have to realize that sometimes, things are going to get twisted and be blown out of proportion," she admitted.

Despite her regrets, John Legend's soon-to-be wife doesn't have any plans to stop sharing her 140-character thoughts, although she may be a bit more wary of her future tweets.

"I regret things all the time," she added with a laugh. "I've never regretted not saying something. I've only regretted saying something."

Well, lesson learned.

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