Justin Bieber


For Justin Bieber, it was an average night of squeaking along in pleather high tops and an astronaut diaper, when all of a sudden, a seemingly innocent bra hit the stage. Fascinated by its voluminous shape, he quickly snapped a photo and posted it to Instagram. But, while Justin merely acted as a keen bra-observer, much to our dismay, he was actually the observed.  In other words, the stage was not their first "accidental" meeting. And we have the leaked photos to prove it.

The Bra was first spotted pursuing Justin at the mall. After lurking near a Whetzel's Pretzels for nearly three hours, she finally lucked out, and caught him at Lids.


The Bra can't be fooled by tinted windows. Plus whenever she feels him getting closer, her gel inserts start to harden.


When it came time to reveal herself in Amsterdam, she almost chickened out. But after a couple hits of Lemon Haze, she had the courage to show up at the Anne Frank House.


Sources say the Bra's desperate to see him again, and has requested a paternity test.

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