Lil' Kim Involved in Minor Car Crash, Suffers Whiplash

Rapper required to to wear neck brace, reassures fans she will be OK

By Rebecca Macatee Jun 10, 2013 8:24 PMTags
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Lil' Kim got a lil' hurt, but fortunately, she's going to be OK.

Per the rapper's Twitter, she got into a "minor car accident" that left her with whiplash, and she's "stuck wearing this stupid [neck] brace 4 a week and a half." But in her own words, 'I'll be fine."

Lil' Kim thanked her fans for their "prayers and support," adding that, "God is Great !"

Twitter user Young Goldie posted a Vine showcasing Lil Kim's injury, writing,  "Rapper Down! Rapper down! Queen Been be alright she tuff "

We're just glad Lil Kim's going to be OK!'