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The British aren't coming: They're already here!

Well, more like one has already arrived: Fan-favorite correspondent John Oliver officially took over hosting duties for The Daily Show on Monday night for Jon Stewart, who is taking the summer off to direct his first film.

"Just to reassure everyone—The Daily Show is going to look exactly the same," Oliver tweeted before his big debut, posting a picture of himself sitting at the desk enjoying a cup of tea. Yes, the Comedy Central hit has officially gone Brit!

So, now that you've seen Oliver at the helm, we're curious to know what you thought of his hosting abilities and if you enjoyed the summer edition of The Daily Show...

Oliver's opening? "This is weird. It sounds weird even to me, and this is my regular voice," he said.

Seth Rogen, who was there to promote his new film This Is the End, was Oliver's first celebrity interview, and he joked that he would probably have to explain "who the f--k I am" to the actor. Alas, he did not have to and the profanity-filled interview was pretty hilarious. Go figure!

Oliver is set to host for eight weeks of programming until Stewart returns on Sept. 3.

What did you think of Oliver's debut? Were you missing Stewart? Sound off in the comments!

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