LeAnn Rimes is opening up more than ever on her new album Spitfire.

The country crooner, who is no stranger to tabloid criticism, appeared on Good Morning America Monday, and she revealed what it was like to pen the lyrics to her deeply confessional tunes after living her life in the public eye, and particularly, the tumultuous past few years.

"Therapeutic. Extremely hard," she admitted when asked what it was like to cowrite the album. "I went through every emotion you can imagine in the last four-and-a-half years, and that's what comes through on this record is every single human emotion you can possible imagine. It's a roller-coaster ride."

GMA host Robin Roberts also asked Eddie Cibrian's wife whether the album felt "liberating" to write, and Rimes said it was refreshing to share her story from her own personal perspective.

"Yeah, I think when you have so many people write your life for you—or what they think it should be—or what's going to sell the most amount of magazines that week, true or not, it finally felt like I kinda ripped that tape off my mouth and had something to say, but at no one else's expense but mine," she explained.

Touching on her very publicized affair with Brandi Glanville's former husband, Rimes says this record gave her the opportunity to share her story (and perhaps counter Glanville's revealing tell-all).

"They've kind of read this one, very skewed side of the story for the last four and a half years," she says of her heavily publicized public life. "And before that it was always about my voice. No one really go to know me. This is the first time, I held nothing back on this record. There's so much humanity on this album that I've never had in my music just because I let go."

And after years in the music biz, a controversial divorce and even a stint in rehab, the 30-year-old star says she's finally figured out who she really is.

"I, somehow, in the middle of everything, the craziness, the love I found, this family that Eddie and I have built together, I found it on this record," she said. "It clicked for the first time."

Rimes also touched on her very active Twitter account (and feud with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star), saying she's not going to give up social media anytime soon.

"It's just life," she said of her Twitter critics. "I have the right to share my happiness and my failures, whatever it may be, just like everybody else. I've learned how to handle it. That block button is a great thing on Twitter."

Any reponse, Brandi?

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