Shaquille O'Neal, Titus, Jimmy Kimmel Live


The world already knows that Shaquille O'Neal won't be joining the NBA Hall of Fame one day because of his free-throw skills.

But his reputation for being lackluster at the line hit a new low last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, when the 15-time NBA All-Star took on 2-year-old YouTube sensation Titus Ashby—and got trounced!

The guys first greeted each other with a friendly high five (yes, Shaq had to bend over a little) and then it was time for "Clash of the Titus."

Both hoops were adjusted to suit their heights, with Titus shooting at a 3-foot-high hoop from 6 feet away, while Shaq aimed for a 7-foot-1 hoop from 18 feet away.

Each had 30 seconds to sink as many baskets as possible...and Titus sunk eight!

After giving his wee competitior a high five, Shaq went ahead and did what Orlando, Los Angeles and Miami remember the big lug so well for and sank none.

"Just like the old days, right?" Kimmel joshed him as he kept missing.

"Gotta give me a better pass!" O'Neal cracked.

More high fives and smiles all around and then, for his efforts, Shaq gifted Titus with one of his EEE-size shoe.

Which, as Jimmy pointed out, the toddler could easily go boating in.

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