Arvind Mahankali, Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jimmy Kimmel may think he's a "spelling force" to be reckoned with, but if you ask us he's met his match.

After welcoming this year's National Spelling Bee champion, Arvind Mahankali, on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night for the show's 10th annual spelling bee, the host and the 13-year-old champ faced off.

The two were judged by a panel that included the comedian's cousin Sal and actor Jonah Hill and the show's "expert word pronunciator" and parking lot security guard Guillermo Díaz dressed in a bumblebee outfit.

Aside from trying to comprehend Guillermo's unique pronunciation in order to figure out what word it was he had to spell, Mahankali had his toughest challenge battling a case of the g-i-g-g-l-e-s, as Kimmel aptly put it. And not getting much help from Díaz on the origin or definition of the word either ("it is a word from the dictionary," Guillermo replied when asked for the latter), Arvind, alas, spelled it wrong.

For his part, Jimmy misspelled "skedaddle," only for Mahankali to take the lead by correctly getting "vivacious."

Needless to say, hilarity ensued as Kimmel tied him up only to lose out in the final round.

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