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A clearer picture is beginning to snap into focus of Paris Jackson's emotional state in the wake of her alleged suicide attempt—one aggravated, sources say, by her strained relationship with her brother Prince Michael over a desire to reconnect with mother Debbie Rowe.

And as the 15-year-old begins to come into her own as a young woman, Michael Jackson's daughter may now be learning just how glaringly different her childhood has been.

"What's hard is that she has now realized that her upbringing is not like other people's," a source familiar with Paris' situation exclusively tells E! News. "It has just magnified that she is different and has been living in a dysfunctional world that is different from other people her age."

And although Paris has always been able to lean on her brother Prince for support, their recent falling out has, insiders say, been especially taxing.

"It's been difficult because they are having a hard time, and she hasn't been able to turn to him recently," our source adds.

Her situation at school, where Paris has reportedly said she's been "feeling bullied," may also have contributed to the emotional and mental stress she's been under.

"She is alternative. She doesn't hang out with the popular kids," our source says, adding that Paris "is in a different group to the mainstream students."

And although Paris—who, we're told, "can be her own worst critic at times"—is also described as being "very smart," the insider notes that her school "is very academic and conservative, and that isn't really Paris' thing."

However, academic and social concerns may not be the only issues weighing on the teen's mind.

Our source claims that Paris' family members are rarely in attendance at any of her dance events or parent-student gatherings to support her. "I have never seen the family except on one occasion," the source alleges.

"She's yearning for a mother figure. She just wants to be loved. It's been so hard without her dad because no one is really there for her."

Paris' family has been steadfastly by her side during the crisis, and aunt LaToya Jackson issued a statement to "request privacy at this time while our family handles these issues together."

The family, meanwhile, was a no-show Wednesday at Michael Jackson's wrongful-death trial in the aftermath of Paris' health scare.

On Thursday, Michael's incarcerated ex-physician, Conrad Murray—who's at the center of Katherine Jackson's negligence suit against AEG Live for hiring him to oversee Michael's medical care—reached out to Paris via a four-minute phone message to assure her that she is "not alone."

In a statement provided by Murray's attorney, Valerie Wass, to NBC News, Murray clarified his motives for sending Paris the message.

"From where I sit, all I have to give is love," he said. "I love Paris with all of my heart and I just want her to be well and happy. Upon hearing the news of her current crisis, I was gravely affected. I reached out to her through my statement to let her know that I care deeply about her, and I always have, and I always will. She will continue to be in my prayers."

—Additional reporting by Lindsay Good

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If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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