Game of Thrones, Episode 9

Helen Sloan/HBO

The pain from watching Sunday's Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode is still raw, but for those who read A Storm of Swords long before the episode, they knew exactly what was coming. How did most fans feel when reading that scene? Let this Game of Thrones-Princess Bride mashup do it for you.

In a brilliant fan-made video uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, the Game of Thrones Red Wedding scene is interrupted by Fred Savage's character in The Princess Bride angrily insisting that Grandpa is getting the story wrong. Oh, how we wish he did read it wrong. But it all actually happened.

Watch the video below to see Game of Thrones ruin yet another readers' ability to trust George R.R. Martin with their hearts. Warning: Graphic Game of Thrones deaths ahead!

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