Sex and the City's 15th Anniversary: Show Creators Look Back at Carrie & Co.

Live From E! panel questions whether Carrie and Mr. Big would still be together

By Mike Vulpo Jun 05, 2013 10:49 PMTags

Grab your cocktails and your best girlfriends because it's time to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Sex and the City!

On Wednesday's extended edition of Live From E!, Catt Sadler, Melanie Bromley and Kristin Dos Santos took a break from reporting on the biggest entertainment news stories to instead celebrate the series that impacted so many women.

Joined by the show's creator Candace Bushnell and Carrie Diaries writer Amy B. Harris, the ladies gossiped and reminisced about the juicy show that lasted six seasons.

From several networks' initial hesitation to air the show to memorable scenes including the famous "he's just not that into you" proclamation, nothing was off limits in the energetic discussion.

Plus, the ladies had to wonder, would Carrie and Mr. Big still be together today? Let the debate begin!

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