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Hell hath no fury like a Blake Shelton scorned.

After Shelton's team member Holly Tucker got booted off last night's episode of The Voice, Joey Guerra, the music critic for The Houston Chronicle posted an article on Twitter about the elimination.

"#TheVoice sends one singer back to Texas. Don't worry, it's not the one we care about."

That remark did not sit well with Shelton one bit. Prepare for a Twitter rant of epic proportions:

"It's people like you @joeyguerra that make me sick... Holly is not only a talented singer but a great person that's simply chasing a dream. How about you @joeyguerra grow some balls and come tell me to my face how terrible some of these kids are face to face..? You won't. Ever. You @joeyguerra are a chicken siit. I can't stand a person that makes a point to write hurtful things about kids just trying their best. I swear to god I cant understand the mentality of a grown man ripping on young kids over and over again for just trying their hardest. Kids! How much do y'all wanna bet he'd NEVER criticize my team OR me like that face to face.... Chicken s--t."

Tell us how you really feel, Blake! But we love him for defending his team member, even after she's off the show. He ended his rant by apologizing to his followers for flying off the handle:

"I'm sorry for going off y'all... But I am passionate about encouraging young people to follow their dreams.. We GOOD people don't need hate."

What did you guys think of last night's elimination? Give us your own rant in the comments!

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