Joe Jonas, Instagram


Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Joe Jonas debuted his new hair or, rather, lack of hair on Instagram last night.

"Oops," he wrote, along with four pictures chronicling the path to his boldly buzzed look.

But we're not so sure his shaven style was a mistake. It seems pretty unlikely that he would go through the trouble of taking a before shot if he was simply getting a cut to maintain his shaggy-on-the-top, trim-on-the-sides style. 

VIDEO: Watch Joe Jonas take Dani's brother shopping

Plus, the timing for a fuss-free buzz cut perfect, seeing as the hot summer season is just around the corner. And judging from the video—yes, there's a video showcasing the transformation from every angle—his stylist sure did seem to shave with a pretty steady hand.

Whatever the case, judging from Jonas' satisfied look in the final shot, we'd label hashtag this as a case of #nohairdontcare.  

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