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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and current host of NBC's 1st Look Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelorette, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets.

Week two. Let's get into it:

I wasn't surprised that Brooks got the first date. I had a feeling he would go far in this show (the first date of the season always goes pretty far—the Bachelorette wants to start her journey with someone she feels really good about. First instincts are everything). But, like I said in my blog last week, Brooks barely got any screen time in the first episode, but we saw quite a bit on him in the previews for the season. And now the first date of the season?!?! I think Brooks will either be the guy in the end or be the next Bachelor. I'm calling it now. He just seems like such a down to earth, humble guy. The exact words I would use to describe Desiree. I see a great match here.

I have to say that their first date brought back some memories for me. The very first date of my season was at the Hollywood sign, too. I remember thinking it was the perfect spot for a date because it was special (everyone isn't able to hang on the Hollywood sign whenever they want), but still so simple. Nothing over the top or too fancy. Just two people, sitting on a sign, getting to know each other. I really have a good feeling about these two.

I always spend the majority of the first group date wanting to pour myself another glass/bottle of wine, cause they are just so uncomfortable and unnatural to watch! Regardless of how awkward it was, Desiree handled herself with class. Plus, I really love that the show was able to make fun of itself and not take everything so seriously. That is what I try to do with my blog. Yes, The Bachelorette can be a fairy tale. Ashley and JP showed us just two seasons ago that it is possible! So did Tristan and Ryan and Jason and Molly. But the show is also pretty hysterical and something we should all feel free to poke fun at and take lightheartedly. Unfortunately, some people take it to the extreme. But trust me, Desiree is laughing at herself, just like every Bachelor/ette has done while watching themselves in these silly situations in the past. Let's all remember that this is a reality show. Yes, she's genuinely looking for love and she takes that part seriously. But that doesn't mean we can't all have some laughs along the way. For those of you who watched the season I was on The Bachelor, do you remember when I cried, sitting on the floor in the middle of a hallway? Yeah, my friends still make fun of me for that. Why? Because it's hysterical. Moving on…

On the group date, Zak really grew on me. I really didn't like him in the first episode. But the journal he gave Desiree was really thoughtful and I feel bad for judging him early on. He is back on my radar as a contender. Keep an eye on that one.

And let's get into Ben. What is the deal with little ol' Ben? I get that the guys don't like him and believe me, I think it is a huge sign that something isn't right when so many of the guys in the house don't like him, but I just don't understand why right now. He seems like a nice guy to me—level headed. I know the teasers for the rest of the season make it look like he turns into a bad guy, but I'm not totally sure that is how it is going to play out. I get that the teaser for the next episode makes it look like he has a girlfriend, but sometimes the producers like to keep us guessing, so I don't want to completely judge him yet. I could be completely wrong about Ben, but I can't write him off as a contender right now. I think he could be in the top three or four. He got the very first rose of the season and then the rose on the first group date. That is very telling. However, I'm wondering if Ben could be the new Bentley (from Ashley Herbert's season)? Maybe. I don't know. All I know right now is that Desiree is super into him.

So what did you guys think of Desiree and Bryden? Personally, I like Bryden. I think he seem like a sweet, nice guy. That said, I think that Desiree gave Bryden a rose because she appreciated that he opened up to her, but I thought it was pretty obviously that they didn't have great chemistry. She respects him, and likes him as a person, but he isn't the guy for her. In the hot tub all they could do was talk about how much fun they were having rather than actually have fun. I think they said some version of "I'm having a great time" five times and that was just what we saw them say on camera (never mind what was edited out). That said, Desiree's line "just kiss me already" was adorable. But I think she said it out of insecurity rather than out of passion. When a Bachelorette wants to give a guy a rose, she oozes passion for giving it to him. I just didn't see that in Desiree with Bryden tonight.

Now time for questions from my Twitter followers! My favorite part of this blog!

Samantha (@missSamRae) asks @alifedotowsky: Do the Bachelor/Bachelotettes have any say in what they do on the dates?
A little. Before the season starts you sit down with the producers and tell them things you want to do and particular singers/bands you like. On my season, I told them I wanted to go horseback riding and that my favorite singer was Joshua Radin. I got both of those things on my season. So they really try to do thing that the Bachelor/ette wants to do. However, most of the dates are planned with little input from the Bachelorette. It's hard to plan that many dates all over the world! I would rather some plan them all so I can just enjoy them and fall in love! Love is all that really matters, not what dates you go on. 

Nicole asks (@ritternic) @alifedotowsky: What do the Bachelor/Bachelorette do in between dates?
Sleep! There is barely any time in between dates. Even though we only see a few minutes of each date, they actually last many hours. Up in 12 hours! Plus, you are always changing time zones. So that doesn't help. Think about how exhausting it is to meet someone new and constantly feel like to have to keep the conversation going. Even though I am so grateful for my experience as the Bachelorette, it was by far the most exhausting three months of my life!

Ceci (@facathbach) asks @alifedotowsky: How does it feel to watch back on the show when things did not lead to marriage for you? 
I like watching the show mostly for entertainment purposes. My girlfriends and I get a kick out of it and love getting together to have viewing parties. The fact that I didn't find everlasting love on my season isn't a factor for me. In fact, I am so very grateful for the show. It led me to where I am in my life right now. And I could not be more grateful for the love I have in my life now. This show is the best thing that has ever happen to my love life and it has nothing to do with what actually happened on the show.

One last thought, where was Drew this episode? I feel like we barely saw him! He is still a front-runner in my mind and could (like Brooks) been the one in the end or the next Bachelor.

OK, I could go on all day but I'll end this here. Next week looks drama-rific! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter at @alifedotowskyy since I live tweet every week. Make sure to tweet me your Bachelorette questions because I could answer yours in my next blog. 

Until next week…



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