Selena Gomez, Twitter, Stars Dance Album


Today is full of goodies for Selena Gomez fans.

The young pop singer revealed her album cover for Stars Dance on Twitter earlier today, which features a sexy black-and-white photo of Gomez in a very elaborate beaded outfit and headpiece (which is not a bindi), while offering an enigmatic facial expression.

Additionally, the celeb shared the complete track list to fans via multiple hashtagged tweets. As if that wasn't enough to get you giddy, Gomez also released the audio for her latest single, "Slow Down."

Here's what you have to look forward to on Selena's new album, which drops July 23 (but will be available for presale order on iTunes at 9 p.m. tonight), and make sure to check out her new track down below:

"Birthday Stars"
"Dance Champion"
"Come & Get It"
"Forget Forever"
"Save The Day"
"Write Your Name"
"Love Will Remember"
"Slow Down"

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