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Make. It. Happen.

While talking about tonight's season finale of NBC's Revolution with the always-luminous Elizabeth Mitchell, a certain fellow Lost alum's name popped up as a potential future guest star: Josh Holloway.

"I'm a fan and I'm excited to see [him return to TV!]," Mitchell told us of her former Lost love interest, who  will star in CBS' new thriller Intelligence. "I would be excited to see him read the phone book. He's Josh Holloway!"

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So now that one of TV's most epic couples (Lost's Sawyer and Juliet) are both back on television, how about a little cross-over guest-star action on each other's shows? Mitchell went a little nuts over the idea (logistics of separate networks be damned!), as did Revolution co-executive producer Jon Favreau, who is also a "Holloway fan." And even better? Favreau tells us he will be even more hands on for season two of Revolution.

"I'm going to be popping in now that Iron Man's out," Favreau tells us (nodding to that other teeny-tiny film project he produced). "I'm going to stop by the [Revolution] writing offices and throw in my two cents for the upcoming season. J.J. [Abrams] and Eric [Kripke] and Bryan [Burke] and the whole gang over there have been doing a fantastic job as well. And this year, people know what it's all about."

In the meantime, Elizabeth is hoping to meet up for a real-life coffee with Josh, just as Sawyer and Juliet promised to do in one of Lost's memorable moments. "I think [Sawyer and Juliet's] coffee must have been lovely, I really do," Elizabeth says. "They loved each other. What can you do? I would love [to see Josh] and catch up."

Tonight's Revolution season finale, in which Miles and Monroe prepare to face off, is "absolutely amazing," according to Mitchell's costar Giancarlo Esposito. "It's really fabulous…Really fun to read. It was a page-turner!"

And as for what's in store for season two, Favreau teases they will all find "a potato battery." So you can count on anything but that.

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