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Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors are filled with chocolates and fruit chunks and sprinkles galore! Plus a special ingredient: Genetically-modified organisms. But not anymore!

The ice cream company, which in the past has been a vocal supporter of the mandatory labeling of products containing GMOs, is planning to ditch ingredients with altered DNA.

"Our goal is to do so by the end of 2013," Ben & Jerry explained. "But we will still be making this conversion into 2014." (Because they have "lots of flavors" involving "lots of ingredients" that need to be restored to their naturally intended DNA.)

To celebrate, here are five of their best celeb-inspired flavors, soon to be GMO free!

Liz Lemon, Ben and Jerry's

Ben and Jerry's

1. Liz Lemon: To celebrate 30 Rock's final season, Ben & Jerry's released this flavor. The name is a bit uninspired (especially seeing as it could have easily been Liz Lemonhead, boom! More creative) and the flavorGreek frozen yogurt with blueberry-lavender swirls—isn't very Liz Lemon-y (that flavor would be pizza bits mixed in Hot Pocket-flavored ice cream). But it is delicious, nonetheless.

AmeriCone Dream, Ben and Jerry's

Ben and Jerry's

2. AmeriCone Dream: Ice cream was the final frontier for political debate. And The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert had enough of Ben & Jerry's liberal agenda. "What I hope to do with this ice cream is bring some balance back to the freezer case," the conservative comedy pundit said of the flavor he inspired, which contains vanilla ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl.

I Just Blue Myself, Ben and Jerry's

Ben and Jerry's

3. I Just Blue Myself: OK, full disclosure: This isn't a real Ben & Jerry's flavor. But it should be! The Arrested Development-inspired creation (dreamed up by Jon DeFreest of Vulture) is the perfect flavor for any never nude, combining blueberry ice cream with a chocolate swirl and white chocolate cutoffs. And it would make a perfect snack to binge eat while binging on the new Netflix episodes of A.D.

Cherry Garcia, Ben and Jerry's

Ben and Jerry's

4. Cherry Garcia: An old-schooler, this flavor first popped up in 1987, apparently after a Grateful Dead fan from Maine campaigned to get a flavor named after his favorite band. The result? Cherry ice cream mixed with more cherries and fudge flakes, named (what else?!) Cherry Garcia, after frontman Jerry Garcia.

Schweddy Balls, Ben and Jerry's

Ben and Jerry's

5. Schweddy Balls: Surely everyone remembers the 1998 Saturday Night Live skit starring Alec Baldwin as Pete Schweddy, who takes to the radio to pimp out Scweddy Balls, his rum balls, popcorn balls and cheese ball treats. The flavor—vanilla and rum-flavored ice cream with fudge balls and chocolate malt balls—isn't sold in stores (because of the name, naturally) and that's why it's our favorite of the five. We like our ice cream served with a side of controversy.

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