Jessica Chastain, Hillary Clinton

Venturelli/Ron Galella/WireImage

Can't you just picture Jessica Chastain playing Hillary Clinton in the 1970s?

We can. But that doesn't mean it's happening.

Recent rumors suggested that the Zero Dark Thirty star was up for the starring role as the political icon during her days working on the Richard Nixon impeachment hearings. Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Amanda Seyfried are also in the running, a report claimed.

"You know what happens?" Chastain said in London at Gucci's Chime for Change: Sound of Change Live benefit concert for women and children's rights. "They just say these are the people we're considering asking. It doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean any of us have read the script, any of us have heard of the project."

That said, Chastain is a fan of the former secretary of state.

"She was foxy in the '70s," she said. "Have you seen the pictures where she showed her little midriff? I saw a picture of her in shorts. I love Hillary!"

And we're sure Clinton is going to love Chastain's message about Sound of Change. "The message is we can't move forward, none of us could move forward, when half of us are held back," Chastain said. "We need health care, we need education, and we need justice for the women of this world."

Amen to that!

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