Jenni Rivera, I Love Jenni

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In tonight's emotional episode of I Love Jenni, the loved ones of the late Jenni Rivera will try to cope with the loss of their beloved family member. The cameras were there to capture the Rivera family as they grieve and lean on each other in an attempt to move forward.

To commemorate such an important episode, we asked Rosie Rivera, Jenni's sister, and Pete Salgado, Jenni's longtime manager for five things that the fans might not have known about the singer. Check out their answers and get to know more about mun2 star Jenni Rivera:

1. What was Jenni's personality?  Did she have a great sense of humor or was she was very serious?
Chay [Jenni's family nickname] was the funniest and smartest women to be around. In her presence, you knew you'd get into fun mischief and never get caught.
Pete: She was a fun-loving person, always liked to laugh, and would do it out loud. She was also a practical joker.

2. What do you think was her favorite, funniest moment on the show?
I can not speak on Jenni's behalf or share her favorites, but I can say with certainty that Jenni loved and required reality. Her show had to be real and raw. What you see is the truth and real Jenni.
Pete: I think she would say the paintball episode with her brother Juan, and her family vacation to Hawaii.

3. Did she like to cook when she was home, or did she do take out?
Jenni loved to cook and personally pack school lunches for her kids. She wasn't the diva at home; she was momma and that brought her true joy.
Pete: She enjoyed cooking for her children; she made them breakfast daily.

4. Was entertainment her first career?
Entertainment was not Jenni's career, it was the means to an end that she enjoyed because of the love the fans gave her. Jenni always was, first and foremost, a business woman. The best of her generation.
Pete: She was a business woman first.

5. How do you want fans to remember Jenni?
Please remember Jenni as the woman, the fighter, the underdog, that worked hard to feed her children and make all her dreams come true. The woman with the golden heart who knew it was much better to give than to receive. A true hero to the underdog, rejected and forgotten. If she could do it, you can too.
Pete: Each and every fan loves her for a different reason—some for music, some for her inspiration and others love her just because she was one of them.

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