Glee fans who adore the coupling of Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) and desperately want them in the same city have a new advocate on their side: Darren Criss!

Darren's solo tour hits Hollywood's House of Blues tonight, and during a break from rehearsal, Criss told us this of his Glee character's fate: "[Blaine] seems to want to go to New York, I'd be cool with that. I'd always rather be in New York!"

Naya Rivera also told us she's expecting Santana to stick around in the Big Apple, along with Lea Michele's Rachel and Chris Colfer's Kurt, so the scales are certainly starting to tip toward a heavily NYC-based Glee.

Speaking of Monteith, who recently completed a rehab program (and missed the end of Glee's third season), Criss tells us: "I'm sure he's doing fine. He's doing well, I miss the guy."

As for what else is in store for Glee's upcoming season, Criss tells us there hasn't been any word yet as to if and when Blaine and the other seniors will graduate. "We ended it in the middle of the year," he explains. "So I would presume when we pick up season four, the year will go on and we will graduate. But who knows? Maybe we'll be stuck in senior year forever! They can do whatever they want."

Criss is traveling the U.S. during his Glee hiatus for his solo tour, and he says it's his greatest professional coup to date.

"The funny thing about Glee is that it was never like a dream [of mine] to be on television…For me, it was traveling around with some of your best friends in a bus going to some of the venues that I grew up going to all over the country. This is an absolute dream come true and a selfish work vacation."

For more Darren Criss tour information, check out his Facebook page.

—Reporting by Mike Wilbur

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