Bruno Mars, Njoy, Twitter


Bruno Mars is smokin'—and we're not just talking about his live performances.

The "Grenade" crooner has announced he's investing in privately owned electronic cigarette company, NJOY, after recently acquiring a taste for its product.

In a statement to E! News, Mars offered a ringing endorsement of the nicotine booster, which doesn't give off any tobacco smoke or odor. 

"I've been using NJOY Kings instead of cigarettes these days, and I'm sticking to it," the 27-year-old popster said. "I believe in the product and the company's mission."

A few weeks ago, he also tweeted about his hankering for an e-cig along with a pic of him holding one.

"Day 1 E-Cig, Gotta do it!!! This is for you mom," he wrote.

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