Grumpy Cat Is Getting a Movie!

One of the Internet's favorite cat memes is coming to the big screen in live-action film

By John Boone May 30, 2013 6:36 PMTags
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Grumpy Cat—the feline formerly known as Tardar Sauce—is ready for her close-up. Well, closer up than she's already been on Instagram and Twitter and YouTube and TV. Actually, maybe the shots won't be closer, but they'll definitely be bigger.

Because Grumpy Cat is getting a movie!

"I can confirm Grumpy Cat's movie deal," Tardar's agent (yes, agent) tells us. "We're currently getting a creative team together in hopes of making the best Grumpy Cat movie ever! We're all very excited to see this develop in the future, aside from Grumpy Cat, who officially couldn't care less."

Tarder, who won Meme of the Year at the Webby Awards, will star (and have the ability to speak) in a Garfield-like "big family comedy," Deadline reports. The live-action film comes from Broken Road Productions, the company behind Here Comes the Boom and Zookeeper—Kevin James, you might be costarring with Grumpy Cat soon!

Here are some plot ideas that it took us about a minute and a half to think up:

1. Tardar Sauce is a ritzy heiress who goes on a cruise with her fiancé (Kevin James) and meets a young, attractive hustler (played by Ian Somerhalder). The hustler draws Tardar wearing this and only this and Tardar says, "I'll never let go? Yes, I will."

2. Tardar is a young soldier for some intergalactic space organization. She falls in love with a space prince (Maru) and befriends a tough-talkin' outlaw (Lil Bub) before facing off against an evil overlord in a black suit (Kevin James). Tardar won't be shocked by the big twist, only deadpanning, "You're my father? How disappointing."

4. Two hours of this:

And you know people will still pay to see it.