Kate Upton, Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret

Talk about hot and bothered!

Kate Upton's sexy shot in the latest issue of the Victoria's Secret catalogue, an old photo from a 2011 shoot, has the blond bombshell thinking the retail giant is no angel.

"Kate is not thrilled Victoria's Secret is using these photos," a source tell E! News. "She is not contracted to work with Victoria's Secret and was not notified before the images, taken in 2011, were used."

Of course, the reason that Upton's upset could also have to do with the fact that Victoria's Secret casting agent Sophia Neophitou once famously told the New York Times she "would never use" the curvy model because she had the "kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy."


And though rumors started flying that Upton's sudden inclusion in the catalog could signal she could perhaps be on track to become a Victoria's Secret Angel, we're not so sure she would accept considering her less-than-pleased reaction to her cameo on the pages of its mailer.

Besides, it's not exactly as if her career needs Angel wings to fly at this point, seeing as she's already landed the oh-so-coveted covers of Sports Illustrated and Vogue this year alone. 

Would you like to see Kate become a Victoria's Secret Angel? 

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