Denise Garrido


Mistakes were made.

Miss Canada Universe announced that Denise Garrido of Ontario had been crowned the prestigious title on Saturday.

However, a mere 24 hours later, pageant organizers admitted that a typo had occurred, which led the brunette beauty to be erroneously ranked in first place.

The organizers attributed the mistake to "human error" and said that the results showed that Garrido had in fact landed the No. 4 spot, while Risa Santos of Alberta actually won the title of Miss Canada Universe.

After she'd learned that her hopes for a sash had been dashed, Garrido opened up to The Star about the heartbreaking news, "My heart sank. I was so sad."

But in true professional pageant form, Garrido has apparently taken the career-changing blow like, well, a champion.

"She totally understands. You can do the right thing and correct it, or do the wrong thing and try to cover it up," said her spokesman.

Well, we're glad justice has been done for the true winner, but is there a most awesome award? Garrido should totally win for that.

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