LeAnn Rimes


LeAnn Rimes is the first to admit her life hasn't always been picture-perfect.

In a candid interview in the new issue of People, Eddie Cibrian's wife speaks out about some admittedly poor choices she's made in the past and why checking into rehab for depression and anxiety this past August was a good decision.

"I had been crying all day, staying in bed," she explains. "I've had all eyes on me since I was 13, so there was a lot to sift through. I started dealing with emotions I had ignored."

"I was afraid to be in the world alone," she says. "There was always someone around—my parents, Dean [Sheremet, her ex-husband], my bandmates, Eddie. I wanted to take care of myself."

After a month in treatment, though, LeAnn, 30, found herself going through "an even darker time" on returning to normal life.

"I listened to the negativity—people telling me I didn't deserve to be happy—instead of myself," she says. "Now I try to tune it out."

Some of that negativity, including from Eddie's ex-wife Brandi Glanville, might've just ended up on LeAnn's new album Spitfire, which comes out June 4. The album includes a song called "What Have I Done"—presumably an apology to her ex-husband for her 2009 affair—and "Borrowed," which tells the experience of being a mistress.

"I made some really bad choices," she admits. "I caused hurt."

But, LeAnn says she's "grown up a lot in the last five years," adding, "I thought my life was falling apart, but now everything is good."

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