Kasey Kahl, Mugshot

Kasey Kahl has learned his fate.

A Fresno county judge sentenced The Bachelorette star to three years of probation and community service during his court hearing today, stemming from his January 2012 arrest for getting into an altercation outside a Fresno, Calif., hot spot.

Kahl, who was accused of breaking a man's nose and hitting the man's girlfriend, pleaded no contest to a felony assault charge in March as part of a plea deal that saw another assault charge dropped.

According to the sheriff's department, Renee Idsinga and her boyfriend Richard Chaney, told police they got into an altercation with a "very intoxicated" Kahl, after he allegedly shouted insults their way and went on to strike Chaney several times in the face and head during a night out at Club Habanos. (They admitted to drinking that night as well.)

However, the reality star told police that he was acting in self defense after Idsinga and Chaney jumped him for "no reason."

ABC News reports that Kahl's lawyer, Gerald Schwab, believes his client's charges could get expunged if he follows the sentencing rules.

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