Lauren Conrad (The Hills), Matthew Fox (Lost), Anya (America's Next Top Model)

Jeff Lipsk/MTV, ABC/Art Streiber, George E. Holz /The CW

Elena from Burbank, Calif.:  I'm so glad The Hills is back! When are we due for a good Lauren-Heidi catfight?
Don't let the trailers fool you, because according to Lauren there won't be too many blond blowouts. Lauren says her relationship with Heidi "hasn't been a feud for a while": "I think people want to make it what they want to make it, but I'm not angry anymore, and I've been over it for a long time." Awww...that's so healthy—and boring. Still, from what I hear, the editors milk it for all they can.

Jenna Fischer

Glenn Weiner/

Coretta in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada:  Anything on The Office or the spinoff?
Jenna Fischer posted some good stuff on her MySpace Friday about the spinoff and about the state of Angela's belly: "A lot of you have asked me about the recent announcement that they are producing an Office spinoff. I wish I could offer you some inside information on the subject. As far as I know, no one is leaving our show for a spinoff version. But I seriously have no idea. You would be surprised how little they tell actors. I read about the spinoff on frequently asked question is how we are handling Angela's pregnancy on the show. The Angela character is not pregnant on the show. We have been hiding her belly with files, purses, copy machines and even people. Yesterday we did a scene, and it was my job to block her belly. So cute!" So. Cute.

Marlene in Orlando:  Any dish on Top Model?

Maybe...Anya? I spotted da Hawaiian homegirl in her homeland (Honolulu, Oahu), having fruity drinks at the Halekulani Hotel with a man who must have been twice her age...I know, scandal! Quite less scandalous (and reassuring) is that he turned out to be her real daddy, not her sugar daddy. I chatted up the two of them, and Anya said she never gets recognized, adding, "[I am] hanging out in here [Hawaii] for now, because we can't do anything until the show is over." Technically, each girl can't do anything until they get kicked off the show, so I thought maybe that's a good sign that she stays on until the end? Perhaps? She seems to be doing better and better each week, no?

Beth in Ventura, Calif.:  Kristin, I need info about Grey's Anatomy!
I've got news for both GA fans and Friday Night Lights fans: Benny Ciaramello, aka FNL's new kid, Santiago, is guesting on Grey's! No word yet on the part, although I'm guessing he'll be a patient. FYI, Benny is awesome. I ran into him in the parking lot of the Best Buy in West Hollywood earlier this year, and he was totally sweet. Can't wait to see him hanging with our fave Seattle Gracers.

Gabrielle Anwar

Chris Haston/NBC

Carrie in Phoenix: Burn Notice season one is out on DVD June 17! Now everyone can see for themselves what a brilliant show this truly is. Any scoop on the adventures of Mr. Westen and crew in season two?
Gabrielle Anwar
says of Mr. Westen and the mission into the semitruck, "Michael's gone, and I don't know where he is, but I do believe he's coming back!" Yay! As for Michael and Fiona, Gabrielle thinks they continue to be romantically entangled. "Otherwise, what the hell am I doing there?! I think that's my sole purpose on the show, isn't it? I'm the chick, the love interest." Fiona is actually so much more than just the chick, but let's hear it for season-two nooky!

Levi in Red Bank, N.J.:  America's Best Dance Crew is the bomb show. When is it coming back?
When they've had enough time to find the next group of bad a$$ crews! And believe me, they're not wasting much time. Auditions in New York begin April 18, and Houston tryouts are April 21. For the West Coast crowd, they'll be looking for talent in L.A. April 29 and then hit Chicago May 3.

Heidi Klum, Project Runway

Barbara Nitke/BRAVO

Maggie in Detroit: What have you heard about Project Runway moving to Lifetime?
According to excellent inside sources, it's a simple matter of cold hard cash. It seems Lifetime offered more money than NBC/Bravo offered for seasons 5-10 of Project Runway, so the producers (the Weinstein Company) felt they were free to jump ship to Lifetime. NBC/Bravo believes they legally retain the right to counteroffer before Runway can leave. The Weinsteins are saying that ain't so, no dice, see ya! But therein lies the terms of the lawsuit in normal-people-speak. (For the full details, check out the official E! Online news story.)

Robert in Calabasas, Calif.: Are you going to report on The Real World this season?
Sure will. Especially since this crop of seven strangers is situated in my 'hood: Hollywood! The 20th edition—I can't believe it either—premieres April 16, and I'm hearing the cast will be working at Improv Olympics (also known as iO) and learning all about performing comedy in front of live crowds. By the way, iO is the home of Kate Flannery's (Meredith from The Office) monthly Lampshades show and boasts alumni such as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, so this should be interesting...

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Renny in Miami:  What's up with the big war coming on Lost?

It goes down in the first episode back (April 24) and Jack looks a little, er, messy by episode 10. Also, in the first ep back, there's a dead body.

Judah in Portland, Ore.:  Any interesting casting info on Lost?
There are two Australians in the finale. "Donna" is pretty, blond and in her 40s...She has "had to deal with many setbacks in her life but is strong and has persevered. Now [she] has to deliver painful and emotional news." Could this "Donna" be another relative of Claire's, like Aunt Lindsey? The other Aussie is called "Millbanks," and he is described as "30s to 50s, Australian, rugged, smart, works outdoors with his hands. The kind of guy you'd want with you to get out of a tough situation." Does that description remind anyone else of Ray Mullen, the farmer Kate lived with before she was captured in Australia? Or could Donna and Millbanks even be a couple? The finale also features "Karen Decker," who is described as "pretty, pleasant and sharp as a whip. She is a leader and quick-witted. Can manage difficult personalities with ease. Can hold sway three people in a room or a hundred in an audience." Another persuader, then—like Ben? 

Magali in Columbus, Ohio: I was just wondering if you have any spoilers about this purported "spectacular kiss" on Lost. Just one little hint please?
Check back tomorrow for a whole item devoted to that kiss. And there will be more than one hint!

Matthew Rhys, Brothers and Sisters


Perry in Sebastopol, Calif.:  You have got to tell us more about this Walker-man marriage you've been teasing on Brothers & Sisters!
What kind of more information? Like Kevin and Scotty are totally getting married, mostly because Scotty needs the partner benefits, but also because they are in loooove? That kind of more information? Or maybe you wanted to know there's going to be a bachelor party leading up to it, too, so it's probably not just a wham-bam City Hall ceremony?

Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Michelle in Carpinteria, Calif.:  Can you dish anything delish on Desperate Housewives?
Gabrielle's house is a crack den! Actually, she's just renting a room to a coke dealer, but when she uncovers the boarder's secret and tries to turn her into the cops, it turns out the cops have already been staking out her house for weeks. Oddly, Carlos and Gaby are not super-duper excited about being in the middle of an undercover drug sting.

Lil in Chicago:  Desperate Housewives! Spill!
Tom and Lynette consult a therapist about Kayla after she convinces the boys to jump off the roof...

Charlene in Newton, Mass.:  Tell me you've got some Weeds info! I can't wait till summer to find out what's up with the Botwins.
They are in a new location when we next see them, but not far from their extended family. In addition to meeting Andy's father (and the boys' grandfather), we also meet his ailing grandmother—who could kick the bucket at any moment.

April in Kansas City, Mo.:  What can we expect from Abby when ER returns?
She is most definitely looking for a new job in a different medical facility.

Michael in Lake Mary, Fla.:  I am a huge Sopranos fan and heard Tony's sister will be on ER as a car accident victim. Do you know anything more?
Yes, Aida Turturro, aka Janice Soprano, sticks around County General for about three weeks as her character Sheryl's health steadily declines. I'm hearing she has a very loving husband and son by her side throughout the ordeal.

Dylan Walsh, Nip/Tuck

Mark Seliger / FX

Kathleen in Plymouth, Mich.:  What's the deal with Nip/Tuck? Will we ever see it again, or was Sean's stabbing the end of the story?
Heck no! Production on new episodes has already begun, and though Sean may not be in tiptop shape, McNamara/Troy could have their very own Doogie Howser to pick up the slack. Sources say a teenage doctor named Raj infiltrates the boys' practice and sticks around for quite some time!

Aimee in San Diego:  I can't wait for Nip/Tuck to come back. Do you know if we'll see Colleen Rose again?
Yup, I believe a psychotic Sharon Gless will be back, and we also meet her poor sister. P.S.: I'm hearing someone the guys know and love might have breast cancer.

Bertie in San Francisco:  What's going on with My Boys?! I've been having withdrawal. Any news or updates on the show?
They're back in production! Yay! That's the good news; the bad news is that while P.J. was in Italy, the boys misplaced young Bobby. Oops!

Diana in Poland, Maine:  Any info on my favorite OCD detective, Mr. Monk?
Yes! Tony Shalhoub says, "This summer, like mid-July, we're going to shoot our 100th episode! And as you know, the number 100, a big, even number, is a very important number to the character of Adrian Monk. So we're actually going to do a quick retrospective, and a lot of the guest stars who have appeared on the show in the first six seasons will come back and be interviewed, talking about their experience with Monk, whether they're doing their interview from jail or whatever it is." Nice. And cross your fingers for a Sarah Silverman stop-by!

Jess in Canton, Ill.:  How come you never talk about The Big Bang Theory? It's such a cute show!
Can I make it up to you with scoop? Because we'll soon meet Sheldon's twin sister, who happens to be his complete opposite in every way. Word is she gives Penny a run for her money.

The Riches: Minnie Driver, Eddie Izzard

Prashant Gupta/FX

Rupal in West Texas:  How good is The Riches right now?! Any news?
The climate between Dahlia and Wayne continues to decline and, according to Minnie Driver the two act like spoiled, dysfunctional children this season. Driver said young Di Di acts as the parent in several instances, while also beginning to explore her own sexuality.

Lucy in Downers Grove, Ill.:  On Bones, do you know if Brandon and Ace are going to sing? Also, care to give us another cliffhanger clue?
Yes, in the ep "Wannabe in the Weeds," both former Idol contestants tune up their pipes. The cliffhanger, meanwhile, is perpetrated by one Fat Pam. (That's her name!) Last but not least, Bones-wise, I'm hitting the Bones event at the Paley Center for Media on Wednesday, so, quick, send in your Q's to!



Debra in Pasadena, Calif.:  CSI: NY! I need Danny-Lindsay info!
In an upcoming episode, Lindsay admits to missing "Montana," Danny's old nickname for her. Awww...angst. 

Darcy in North Andover, Mass.:  You totally got me hooked on Mad Men...thanks for the heads-up on AMC running the series again. When is it coming back? And do you have any storyline scoopage?
Yay! Another convert! It'll be back this summer, most likely premiering in July. As for storyline stuff, show runner Matt Weiner is notoriously tight-lipped, but I asked him at Paley's TV Fest what we would learn in season two, and he told me, "[We'll learn] it's hard to be good—and now that we know all this stuff about Don—you're made of many people." Mmm...kay. Also, there was something with the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice, and if you can figure out what that has to do with our Men, I salute you.

Terry in Chattanooga, Tn.:  Thanks for all the Army Wives season-two news, Kristin, but what about all the guys that were deployed in the finale? Are we ever going to see them again?
Absolutely. According to co-EP Marshall Persinger, "We have too many great actors to not use them—they're all so cute. These soldiers are going to come in and out, because that's the way it is. One of our characters, Chase (Jeremy Davidson), who is married to Pamela, is Delta Force, and those guys are in and out. Typically, in the army, you can be deployed for up to 15 months, but Denise's husband, Frank Sherwood (Terry Serpico), he's a major, and he's more available to go in and out. And Roxy's Trevor (Drew Fuller), whom everyone adores—we can't not see Trevor! So yes, we're also gonna see these guys in Iraq. They'll be on the phone, they'll be on iChat, and sometimes we'll actually see them there—we've got a way we can shoot some stuff here [in Charleston, South Carolina] for Iraq."

Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris/The CW

Mandy in Omaha, Neb.: How about some One Tree Hill scoop on my favorite: Brooke! Are they really going to give her a baby?!
I'll have that answer in the next Watch with Kristin show, so hang tight! The answer may surprise you. In other OTH news, I'm told a therapist encourages Haley to get back to singing, and Nathan starts thinking about going back to basketball.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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