Hulk Hogan

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We all know we're supposed to think before speaking, but who really does that?

Not celebrities, that's for sure! On Sunday, Hulk Hogan burned his hand in a radiator explosion and had no qualms about tweeting the grisly, nearly vomit-inducing injury pics. And just last week, Jesse James essentially live-tweeted the aftermath of chopping off his pinky finger.

But it's not just these two dudes who've seriously overshared. Behold, even more celebs who've taken the TMI way too far.

Ashton Kutcher

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Ashton Kutcher Everybody poops, and everybody—even Mila Kunis' man!—has some trouble with the plumbing from time to time. Back in 2009, the Two and a Half Man star divulged far too much about his, um, digestive issues. "Stomach flu, Be gone!" he tweeted. "Who can say that they've thrown up and had diarrhea at their rabbi's house? 2 pts for me"

Kesha, Ke$ha, Twit Pic


Ke$ha: When you gotta go, you gotta go. The always classy Ke$ha did just that last year—and she even documented the event on Twitter! "pee pee on the street," she wrote, along with posting an in-action shot of her…release? "PoPo come n get me if u can find meeee. I blame traffic" Of course, a public pee is totally fair game for this lady. She later advanced to drinking her own urine!

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Jessica Simpson, Jay Leno, Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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Jessica Simpson Leave it to this one to give herself the nastiest nickname! During J.Simp's first pregnancy, she explained to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that she'd been "sweating [her] butt off" under the hot lights of Fashion Star's set. So naturally, "I just started calling myself 'Swamp Ass,'" she said. "Like, I have swamp ass right now. I had major swamp ass because I was wearing these Spanx to hold in my gut…It's like the bayou up in that [area]."

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Sean Combs Diddy

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Sean "Diddy" Combs Don't kiss and tell, y'all, and definitely don't tweet about doing the dirty mid-act! Unfortunately (for us, at least), Diddy did just that back in 2009. Having tantric sex!!!!" he wrote casually. "I feel so much better.!!! Thank you"


John Mayer

John Mayer The fact that hearing "sexual napalm" and comparisons of sex to "crack cocaine" conjures up mental images of Jessica Simpson in bed certainly speaks to John's oversharing. He also summed up his breakup with Jennifer Aniston as "one of the worst times" of his life. Eventually, he apologized, admitting to NPR he finally understood the backlash that came from his verbal diarrhea. When you're just open, but not honest, then you start free-associating garbage," he said. "It doesn't mean I can go back and scrub it out, but I understand it now."

Al Roker: S--t happens—even to the nation's favorite meteorologist! The Today weatherman admitted that after his gastric bypass surgery in 2002, he "pooped [his] pants" at the White House. He clarified: "Not horribly, but enough that I knew." So what's a guy to do? Simple: "I got to the restroom of the press room, threw out the underwear and just went commando."

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Nicole Snooki Polizzi

Snooki: To be fair, this Jersey Shore starlet has never been shy about revealing it all. But during an appearance on Live! With Kelly and Michael, Lorenzo's mama took the TMI to a new level. Her only worry pre-childbirth? "I was only concerned that my vagina was going to rip," she said matter-of-factly. And…"Yes [it did rip]," she said. "I got three stitches."

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