Demi Lovato

Gene Young / Splash News

Don't let Demi Lovato's fun-filled tweets fool you!

The "Heart Attack" singer took to Twitter earlier today to sing one of her favorite Rihanna songs and lashed out at critics claiming that she was drinking-and-tweeting.

At first, Lovato tweeted the RiRi lyrics, "Ain't nobody's bidnessssss!!!" But moments later, the 20-year-old felt compelled to clear the air after some negative feedback.

"I can't quote Rihanna without people thinking I'm drinking? Haha FYI people - it IS possible to have fun w/o that stuff." she said.

Lovato has been very public about her mental health and body images issues since checking into a rehabilitation facility in 2010.

Way to stand up for yourself, girl!

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