Who says roommates can't get cozy?

Chris O'Dowd joked in the June issue of GQ magazine that when he recently crashed at pal Jason Segel's place in L.A., the two got closer than the average bromance.

"We'd do lunch a lot! And we'd take baths together," he said. "You know, so we don't use so much water."

O'Dowd also revealed to the mag that his popularity among the opposite sex soared to an all-time high after appearing in the hit film Bridesmaids.

The actor bragged that he'd received tons of marriage proposals when the movie came out and explained, "I said yes to eleven, but only two of them came through."

While the girls go wild for his "teddy bear" good looks, O'Dowd also admitted that he knows the way to a girl's heart.

"Nudity is the quickest way to make someone laugh," he said.

Cute and funny, what's not to like?

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