Jason Bateman Reveals There Will Be More Arrested Development! (Plus, His Hilarious Botox Obsession)

Exclusive! "There is more to this story," the show's leading man tells E! News

By Kristin Dos Santos May 24, 2013 6:49 PMTags
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Get ready to blue yourself.

Arrested Development's highly anticipated return from the dead goes down this Sunday when Netflix releases all 15 episodes of the fourth season. And star Jason Bateman tells E! News, "There will be more to this story."

"[Creator] Mitch Hurwitz's intention always was to do a movie," Bateman explains, "and when he started to write the movie script, the story that he wanted to tell was too long and too big to fit in a standard movie script. So he decided to take the first act of that movie and put it these episodes. Acts two or three will either be in a movie or a longer form on Netflix. Watching these [Netflix] episodes will be fully satisfying, and it all comes to a conclusion, but there are plenty of questions that are left unanswered…which we will finish at some other time."

Anyone else hearing a chorus of a thousand angels wearing nevernude short shorts? (…No? Just us? We should get that checked.)

But for the record, the cast is all on board to do more episodes and/or a movie, even Michael Cera, who was rumored to be the lone holdout a few years ago during movie negotiations. And David Cross and Portia de Rossi said Arrested actually doesn't need something like a Kickstarter campaign because, per Portia, "Things are naturally heading in that direction. "I can't say this about anything else I've been a part of," Cross tells us. "I would work with these people and do this role for the rest of my life."

Good thing Bateman is preparing for just that. When asked how the 44-year-old father of two has kept his youthful good looks, he jokes: "I like Botox. I'm not afraid to tell you. A lot of the injections are hidden by the beard. That's why I had to grow this out, and there's a Velcro strap back here that keeps everything held up. I don't know, I've got a pretty fleshy face. If I were any thinner you'd see more lines and wrinkes."

Arrested's fourth season premieres this Sunday night on Netflix.

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