Apologies to any TV viewer who thinks they are Scandal's No. 1 fan; the show's cast already owns that title!

Seriously, the entire cast of the ABC hit drama is obsessed with their show and why shouldn't they be? Did you watch that season-two finale?!

We chatted with stars Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry, Guillermo Diaz, Bellamy Young and Darby Stanchfield at the ABC/Disney International upfront in Burbank, Calif., where they looked back on season two's shocking conclusion, talk about the show's very vocal fan base and tease what's ahead for the Gladiators in season three...

On Twitter, Thursday nights turn into a Scandal viewing party as the show's cast and fans live-tweet every episode...and their every reaction to the show's twists and turns! "Whenever Olivia and I are together, it goes nuts," Goldwyn says.

And it also goes nuts when the couple isn't together!

"No, I was kind of burning everything in my wake, wasn't I?" Perry says of the hate he received on Twitter when his character trying to break apart Fitz and Olivia in the finale. "I was trying to kill love; a murderer of love, so that's not a good thing!"

Looking ahead to season three, one of the biggest mysteries fans want answered is who leaked Olivia's name to the media, with first lady Mellie (Young) as one of the top suspects. "I'm thinking anything is possible. I'm hoping it isn't true," Young says. "I don't think it was Mellie, but I love being wrong!"

And like fans, Diaz can't wait to see what happens with Quinn (Katie Lowes) now that she's gone from Baby Huck to Actual Huck! "It's going to be interesting to see how Shonda [Rhimes] handles the Quinn and Huck relationship, but I kind of like that Quinn has gone to the dark side. I want to see her torture more people!  Guillermo wants to see that, I don't know if Huck wants to see that!"

And while Diaz is hoping to see Huck possibly become "a client" of Olivia's to find his family. Stanchfield wants to see a flashback to Abby's time in an arranged political marriage. "If you think of Abby now, she would never agree to something like that, so it would be fun to explore what kind of woman Abby was," she explains. And Young? "My only hope is in season nine, Mellie is president and Fitz loves her!"

For more season three scoop, watch our interviews with the Scandal cast above!

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