We Are The Millers, Jennifer Aniston

In case you hadn't heard, Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper in her latest film, We're the Millers.

But the fit-as-a-fiddle actress is hardly the first A-lister who's dared to take it all (or mostly all) off—minus a scrap of fabric to put the dollar bills in—for a movie roll.

Here are five more stars who've stripped on the big screen:

Demi Moore, Striptease

Columbia Pictures

1. Demi Moore: It was a huge deal when the actress scored a reported $12.5 million payday to play a single mom with a heart of gold who dances exotically to make ends meet in Striptease. Considering that—and Moore's hot bod—are all that anyone remembers about the 1996 flop, here's hoping she just laughed and took those bad reviews all the way to the bank.

Closer, Natalie Portman

Columbia Pictures

2. Natalie Portman: She scored her first Oscar nomination for her role in Closer playing a brokenhearted stripper with more than a few secrets and a ridiculously nice bottom.

Magic Mike, Channing Tatum

Warner Bros. Entertainment

3. Channing Tatum: His real-life, pre-movie-stardom experience as an exotic dancer helped put the titular magic in Magic Mike—though plenty of fireworks were provided by Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and Alex Pettyferas well.

Salma Hayek, From Dusk Till Dawn

Miramax Films

4. Salma Hayek: Talk about your snake charmers. Before being turned into a vampire as all hell literally breaks loose in From Dusk Till Dawn, Santánico Pandemónium turned a python into the luckiest reptile on earth in the relentlessly schlocky Robert Rodriguez flick.

Natalie Wood, Gypsy


5. Natalie Wood: The Oscar winner played one of the most famous burlesque performers of all time, Gypsy Rose Lee, in the 1962 musical Gypsy. And, fun fact: Wood did her own stripping and singing!

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