Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Padma Lakshmi really does have a ball at work.

"We've eaten a lot of testicles," the Top Chef host told me at Bravo's Emmy event in North Hollywood.


"We've eaten duck testicles on TV," Lakshmi said.

We didn't even know ducks had testicles.

"Neither did I," Lakshmi cracked. "They're very small. They look like a fava bean, only not as pretty."

But which kind does she really like? "Bulls have really good testicles," Lakshmi said.

We'll take your word for it.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi revealed the one thing her 3-year-old daughter, Krishna, will not eat.

"Avocados!" she said. "I don't know what it is. She's a good eater, but she just won't eat avocados. But I can't complain if that's all there is."

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