Brandi Glanville Tries to Reignite LeAnn Rimes Twitter Feud: "She Should Mind Her Business"

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is upset after she can't make contact with her and Eddie Cibrian's sons

By Rebecca Macatee May 23, 2013 3:13 PMTags
Brandi Glanville, LeAnn RimesFrazer Harrison/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Save the drama for your mama—not the stepmom of your little boys!

Brandi Glanville seemingly tried to reignite her Twitter feud with LeAnn Rimes yesterday, passive-aggressively writing that Eddie Cibrian's love "should mind her business."

It started Monday when Brandi said she'd "been trying to get a hold of my kids [Mason and Jake] 4 over an hour [with] no response to my calls, emails or messages." She then mused that, "Maybe twitter will work" to make contact and tweeted at her ex-husband.

The next day, LeAnn posted a tweet possibly hinting at Brandi's behavior, writing simply, "Name calling and twitter rants are so 2012. Music and truth is so 2013."

About an hour later, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fired back on the social media network, writing, "I tweeted the father of my boys Mon night after trying to reach them for an hour.I dont know Y ANY1 else tweeted me back with involvment."

"The kids called me 1 minute after that tweet #therealtruth," she wrote. "Im so sick of BS lies I tweeted EC not his wife she should mind her business."

"I am NOT in a twitter war with ANYONE!" she went on. "No matter how hard people try to make it about them… Ive been doing my best to not engage, I have no war with anyone I just miss my babys."

"FYI I am only allowed to call my kids between 7 pm & 730 each evening, so when I cant reach them I freak," Brandi added. "I always answer anytime dad calls."

Finally, she wrapped it up, tweeting, "Im done! Going to sleep.Have kids then have them taken away half the time& get f--king back 2 me when u cant even call & say goodnight,bye."

Bless her heart.