Whambulance Wednesday Soup

For this week's Whambulance Wednesday, we turn to our Facebook page, where a particular individual took issue with the free nightmares we so graciously gave them.

Infinite Hogan
Infinite Hogan comment

First, let us apologize for doing it again. Hopefully, you understand that it was absolutely necessary, to provide context for your beef with us. Though, now that we're thinking about it, we probably could have just described the offending photo. Oh well. Spilled milk.

The thing is, we don't really understand where this animosity towards Hulk Hogan is coming from. The guy did step on plenty of toes in the course of his career though, so we'll accept that you're not a fan and leave it at that.

Well almost. We really do feel lousy for any unintended mental anguish we may have inflicted. Let us make it up to you in with some 100% Hogan-free content!


Infinite Dali
Infinite Xzibit

Or wait. Crap. Is it the multiple chins thing that was weirding you out? How about fewer chins?

Infinite Robin Williams
Infinite Paul Sr
Infinite Sam Elliot
Infinite Gibson

That's better, right? Okay, we mean it this time. We'll leave it at that.

For now.

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