Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian Odom

F. Carter Smith / Splash

Khloé Kardashian Odom is continuing to defend sister Kim Kardashian from haters who criticize the mom-to-be's pregnancy body.

"I've been criticized about my weight forever and I've always been happy," Khloé told us yesterday at the launch of Hpnotiq's Glam Louder Program and Bling It On! Contest in Beverly Hills. "So I totally understand how she feels."

Khloé continued, "One day, she was at my house just complaining...not complaining but just saying how hurt she is and she says, ‘I can't control it, I'm pregnant, I'm growing a baby, what do they want me to do?' And I just commend Kim for being so strong and she's so beautiful and I think it's wrong that anyone would criticize anyone for their weight, but then especially a pregnant person. And I just wanted her to know when she left my house how much I love her."

Khloé's words of support come just a few days after Kim posted a letter Khloé had written her on her blog.

"I wrote that letter to her in private," she said. "I don't care that she posted it, it's no big deal, but I had no idea she posted it."

"It breaks my heart when I see you sad because of the vicious attacks on your growing, pregnant body," Khloé wrote in the letter. "Bible kimmie you are perfect the way you are! This is your life! Your body! Your baby! I wish you could see how you have this pregnant glow and you sparkle everyday! Your belly is fantastic! Kim! You are growing a miracle inside of you! I love you! And I will do anything in my power to protect you!"

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