Blast from the Past: Funnyman David Cross Wears His Own Fur in Never Nude PETA Ad

Remember this gem? The animal rights organization has reminded us that there are alternatives to wearing animal fur

By Bruna Nessif May 22, 2013 10:36 PMTags
David Cross, PETA AdPETA

Why rock animal fur when you can flaunt your own?

At least that was David Cross' theory for his nevernude PETA ad that was brought back to life by the animal rights organization through Twitter yesterday.

"'Never Nude,' no more! #ArrestedDevelopment's David Cross WOULD rather go naked than wear fur :)," they wrote.

The photo, originally released in 2005, features the actor strutting his man fur on the catwalk with the words, "Wear your own fur. Let animals keep theirs" on the promo.

"I see absolutely no reason to skin an animal and use it's fur. It's completely unnecessary," Cross told PETA during the interview (before saying some disturbing things about Lenny Kravitz). "It's a luxury, it's based on status. A hundred—200, 300—years ago, before there were synthetic fibers, people needed to survive in cold climates, it's understandable. But we've evolved, we have science and technology, you don't have to have fur."

The only part of the Arrested Development star's nude body that wasn't put out on display were his precious jewels, which were reportedly taped up (and then the discarded tape was apparently sold to some lucky bidder on eBay.)

With that said—enjoy the view!