STORMING THE CASTLE: DreamWorks recalling all posters for its upcoming drama The Last Castle because it features an image of an upside-down flag--a symbol of distress. The studio fears the image will frighten an already jittery population.

REDO: Sony says it will change the finale to its in-production Men in Black 2, which features a battle with aliens near the World Trade Center.

SO MUCH FOR "MUST-SEE TV": NBC and CBS have delayed the premiere of their fall season for one week. Its new fall shows won't start until September 24. The WB has posptoned its Friday shows and other nets are considering doing the same.

NO HOLDS BARRED: UPN saying it will air a "very patriotic" episode of WWF Smackdown! tonight, featuring a rousing speech by Vince McMahon.

THE U.S. TUNES IN: Nielsen estimates at least 60.5 million people tuned into prime-time coverage of the terrorist attacks. NBC led all networks, attracting 22.4 million.

LET THEM OUT, DAMMIT! According to USA Today, a cousin of Big Brother 2 contestant Monica Bailey is unaccounted for following Tuesday's devastating tragedies. CBS has informed the three remaining housemates of the attacks.

CANCELLATIONS: Britney Spears canceled a Thursday media conference in New York to hype her new album, saying she did "not feel it appopriate." Bruce Willis, meanwhile, has nixed a series of interviews for his new film, Bandits.

TRYING TO RECOVER: Hoping to bring some small sense of normalcy back to Manhattan, Broadway shows planning to reopen Thursday night following this week's devastating terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. Marquees for the shows will be dimmed in remembrance of the thousands of victims who died. Fashion Week--a major event for followers of the latest designs--has been tentatively rescheduled for late October.

NEW YORK ADD: While much of the city remains a ghost town, scattered movie theaters in Manhattan reopening late Wednesday afternoon. One United Artists theater in Union Square offered free movies and popcorn to patrons.

REMEMBERED: Actress Berry Berenson, the widow of actor Anthony Perkins, among those killed on the hijacked American Airlines flight from Boston to Los Angeles. She was 53.

TIME OUT: The NFL calling off its complete slate of weekend games. Major League Baseball remains shut down until futher notice.

THE CALL: The Backstreet Boys opting to go ahead with the first of three concerts in Toronto Wednesday, even after confirming that one of the members of their road crew, Daniel Lee, was among those killed on a hijacked plane, the Toronto Sun reports. The group instead held a brief memorial for victims and donated part of the night's proceeds to the American Red Cross' relief fund.

SAY IT AIN'T SO: Rock band Weezer canceling a concert this week in San Jose, and then voicing uncertainty on its Website about whether to cancel more upcoming shows. "Normal life stuff, including the very act of being in a touring rock band, seems incredibly strange," the band's message reads. "Everyone feels terrible for the victims of this, and a sense of frustrating anger over an inability to do anything about it."

CLOSE CALL: Country singer Kenny Chesney telling the Nashville Tennessean that he had been scheduled to shoot a new video on Tuesday just blocks from the World Trade Center. But the shoot was canceled.

STILL ALIVE: A publicist for Whitney Houston denying widespread, radio-fed rumors that the R&B diva had died of a drug overdose. "She is fine," the rep says, and at "home with her family in New Jersey."

CUSTODY BATTLE LOOMING? The sister of Robert Blake's murdered wife going to court for permission to see Blake's young daughter, Rosie. A lawyer for Margerry Bakley says she might seek custody of the child, who is the daughter of Blake and Bonnie Lee Bakley, who was murdered in May.

PAULA PLEADS: Comedian Paula Poundstone pleading no contest Wednesday to charges of child abuse and infliction of injury on a child. She's expected to be sentenced on October 10 to five years in probation and six months in county jail--time she'll be allowed to serve in rehab.

MYSTERY BIDDER: Kevin Spacey revealed as the mystery bidder who paid $150,000 for an Academy Award given to George Stoll for his score to the 1945 film Anchors Aweigh. Spacey says he will return it to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

BOBBY'S FARM: A Bob Dylan fan paying $82,000 for the folk-rock legend's childhood home in northern Minnesota. Bill Pagel won an Internet bidding war to buy the home where Dylan spent the first six years of his life.

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