We walk a fine line here at thesouptv.com. On the one hand, we have some obligation to address pop culture, just as the show does. On the other hand, there's Internet culture to acknowledge and, often, the two remain mutually exclusive. Which is why we're so glad to have stumbled upon FaceMashups, which bridges the gap between these two disparate worlds by melding familiar faces together, for disquieting effect. It's got celebrity appeal and WTF factor. Finally, something for everybody!

If 'K-Pats' or any of the other amalgamated media pet names for celebrity couples tend to set your teeth on edge, wait'll you get a load of Krach Stewifianakis.



What a handsome abomination! We're just spitballing here but how about a quirky romantic comedy version of John Carpenter's The Thing? No? What if it was with Zooey Deschanel instead? Yeah, now we're talking.

via reddit

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