Dominos, Ad

A São Paulo Domino's has partnered with 10 local video stores to promote pizza via DVD rentals. (Ha! Like people actually rent DVDs from stores anymore. Ever heard of Redbox, Brazil?!)

The concept is simple, we guess: "Domino's printed special labels with flavored varnish on movie discs including Argo, Skyfall, and The Dark Knight. As the discs heat up, the label's movie title is gradually replaced with an image of a pizza. And, once the movie is over and the disc is removed from the player, the user is also treated to the smell of fresh pizza along with the message: 'Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino's Pizza.'"

It's good for people on a diet. All the joy of a pizza without any carbs.

It's bad for the people who inevitably try to eat the DVD. Then again, if the broken shards of DVD don't kill the person, they could probably sue Domino's like that one woman who sued McDonald's because her coffee was hot and then they're millionaires and it's good for them too.


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