Selena Gomez


That's the look most of us have after leaving Las Vegas, too.

Singer Selena Gomez didn't seem too happy to arrive at the Heathrow Airport in London today, but then again, that meant saying goodbye to a weekend full of bright lights, the 2013 Billboard Music Awards and little rendezvous with on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber, so it's understandable.

Regardless of the star not flashing her usual mega-watt smile, Gomez still looked very chic for someone who just traveled around 10 hours on a plane.

The celeb managed to stay comfortable and trendy with print leggings, a pair of flats and an oversize black sweater and shades while carrying her handbag and Macbook (with a tight grip since there's no cover or bag for that thing).

There's no word as to what prompted Selena's trip to London, but bestie Taylor Swift is probably happy that her gal-pal will spend more time to herself and less time hanging out with certain people.

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