Bret Michaels

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With great friendships come cherished memories.

And apparently, when it comes to Bret Michaels relationship with Charlie Sheen, those memories include completely trashing a hotel room together.

The rock star was a guest on HuffPost Live yesterday, and recalled a time when the duo started tearing up a room together, just for the heck of it.

"We did some freaky stuff. I'm going to say it, nothing weird, but freaky," Michaels said.

"One thing I did help Charlie with...he was trying to destroy a hotel room in Orlando. He was having a little trouble with one of the big vases...I have over 300,000 injections in me as a diabetic, so I got a little built up angst...I lifted this Ming vase, or whatever the hell it was. It was huge. He was struggling a little bit with it. So we smashed it."

Bret also shared that, "You can't throw it on the carpet, that's pointless. We went over to a much harder surface, a nice Travertine tile and smashed it down. It shattered. It was great," but reassured everyone that, "We split the bill on that, by the way. We were even Steven."

Well, at least they abide by proper friendship etiquette.

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