Gretchen Mol

Courtesy: NYDJ

Gretchen Mol's closet is ready for summer.

This television star may play a flashy showgirl on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, but she's also a proven fashionista, turning heads in flirty frocks, adorable separates and killer shoes on the red carpet and off-duty, too. 

Wondering what the blond beauty is buying for summer? We caught up with her at  the NYDJ event at Bloomingdale's in New York City to dish on her three rules for summer shopping.

Here's what she told us: 

1. Buy What Makes You Feel Good: "I won't be wearing cutoffs or anything like that this summer," she told us. "Some people can pull it off, but not me anymore. It's best to buy what you love and be grateful and know how great you look." 

2. Always Go For Something Comfortable: "I love comfortable dresses, especially from this store called Pip-Squeak Chapeau in Brooklyn," she says. "I like stuff that's loose and floppy, yet easy to wear and beautiful."

3. Invest In a Good Tote. "I am a toter in the summer, but I try to keep it small enough to wear during the nothing too big," she explained. A functional tote will store all of your daily summer essentials—wallet, phone and an extra pair of flip-flops for that last minute beach trip!

Excellent advice, Gretchen! Bring on the warmer weather!

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