Everyone's favorite mutant is about to meet his fiercest match yet.

The latest action-packed trailer for The Wolverine has hit the Web, and not only does it reunite Hugh Jackman's adamantium-clawed Logan with his longtime love, Dr. Jean Grey, but it offers fans the first real big-screen look at Wolverine's arch enemy, Silver Samurai.

The teaser starts out with what looks to be a haunting dream sequence in which the sleeping Marvel superhero is awakened by his telepathic mutant gal-pal from the previous films. 

Famke Janssen reprises her role as Dr. Grey, who died at the end of X2 and morphed into the Phoenix, but returns here to play a supposedly key role in Wolverine's surfacing from self-imposed exile.

He's soon contacted by Mariko Yashida, the redheaded warrior-daughter of a Yakuza crime boss whose life Logan saved many years ago. Journeying to Japan, Wolverine is given the opportunity to become mortal again, at which point the trailer kicks into overdrive with some high-octane fight sequences, including a riveting battle atop a bullet train.

As Logan apparently makes the decision to give up the metal that's made him the powerful mutant he is, he faces his greatest nemesis in the form of Kenuichio Harada, aka the Silver Samurai whose Japanese sword has the ability to cut through almost anything—save adamantium.

The Wolverine hits theaters in 2-D and 3-D on July 26.

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