Justin Bieber, Mally, Monkey

Courtesy of Stefan Heinrich; Sharkpixs/ZUMAPRESS.com

It's D-Day for Mally.

German customs officials will decide the fate of Justin Bieber's pet monkey on Tuesday, almost seven weeks after they seized the Capuchin from the teen idol during a tour stop in Munich after he failed to provide the requisite paperwork.

"Today is an official holiday. We will decide tomorrow," Thomas Meister, spokesman for the Munich Customs office, exclusively tells E! News. "We have to show [that we didn't get the papers from Bieber] and go to the post office tomorrow. For this reason, the decision will be made tomorrow."

Meister added that he doesn't know the location where Mally will go and won't divulge it because "Mally needs quiet."

"I think it will probably be a zoo in Germany. They are trying to find a zoo that has a lot of Capuchin monkeys and integrate him into a new family," he said. "The next week they will probably send Mally to his new home."

As for word the animal shelter is demanding Justin pay back the cost of caring for the little guy, the spokesman revealed his office is planning to send Bieber an invoice once the decision is made and he'll have six weeks to pay it.

"If he doesn't, the next time he arrives in Germany for a concert or something, customs will go out to his plane to get the payment right then. I don't know what happens if he doesn't pay then. I think he will likely pay it," noted Meister.

The official also said that law enforcement could get involved should the the "Baby" singer fail to make good on the shelter costs, which he estimated at about $6,500.

And Bieber could also still face having to pay animal cruelty fines and some of the costs of Mally's new home, Meister pointed out.

"The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation would decide that. Those decisions haven't been made," the spokesman said, noting a decision on that front could happen this week or next.

In any case, perhaps realizing his jet-setting lifestyle isn't the best for his monkey sidekick, J.B. has given up Mally for what appears to be for good. His camp last month contacted the animal shelter requesting they find a new residence for the animal.

Bieber's rep has not returned a request for comment.

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