Married to Jonas Recap: Reunited at Last

Mikey Deleasa plays his biggest show yet in Santiago, Chile, and Kevin and Dani are finally brought back together!

By Matt Faaborg May 20, 2013 5:31 AMTags
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The Jonas Brothers have arrived in Santiago, Chile, and in order to kill some time (and maybe even find true, everlasting love), the gang decides to hit up "ladies night" at the hotel bar. Although things don't quite go as they expected…

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After weeks of not seeing each other, Dani and Kevin are finally reunited. Kevin lays out some flowers in his hotel room, sets the mood, and when she arrives they kiss for two weeks straight! (it's a long episode)

Everyone arrives at the massive venue for a sound check, and the sheer size of the venue nearly throws Mikey into a panic attack. He's used to playing smaller venues, and still gets deeply nervous every time he walks out onto a big stage.

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Thankfully, Dani was there to help talk him through it…

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Before Mikey goes on, Joe gives him some tips for playing bigger venues, and Mikey really soaks them in. When he finally gets on stage to perform he looks like a total pro and gets the entire stadium on his side!

When the Jonas Brothers hit the stage the stadium explodes with sound. Kevin couldn't be happier to have his wife there looking on, and all of the girls at the concert couldn't be more furious that he's off the market!