Candice Glover, American Idol

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Last night Candice Glover was crowned as the new American Idol over Kree Harrison, and judge Nicki Minaj heartily agrees with the choice the country made. And she reveals that she knew before the finale that Candice would be the winner.

"The best woman won. Her voice surpassed everyone's expectation," she told us backstage after the show. "When we saw her story last week, when she took us home with her, I think that really signed the deal for her because you were rooting for someone like her to win. I'm just excited to have been a part of it."

Speaking of Candice, the new Idol herself says that she'll need some time to really believe that she came out on top as champion of season 12.

"I'm still letting it all sink it. It will take a couple days, weeks probably," she tells us. As for her relationship with runner-up Kree? Nothing but love there!

"I knew we would support each other and I can't wait to buy her album," Glover says.

To see more from Glover and Harrison, and to hear from Keith Urban about his plans for next season, watch our exclusive interviews below!

—Reporting by Gretchen Putnam

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