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That's a wrap for Dunder Mifflin. How are all you Office fans holding up?

Scranton left on a high note, with 5.4 million people tuning in to say goodbye, and achieving its best demo ratings since January 2012. There's obviously a lot to cover after an episode that ran a supersize hour and 15 minutes, so before we start blubbering again, let's just get to highlighting the best moments from the series finale of The Office:

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1. Best Boss Ever: Who are we kidding? We can't make it any farther without shouting: Michael Scott returns! We hoped, we prayed, we wished...and when Jim (John Krasinski) told Dwight (Rainn Wilson) right before the wedding ceremony about how he, according to Schrute traditions, wasn't old enough to be his best man and he had to find someone else, we knew. We felt it. The camera panned to the doorway, and there was Michael Gary Scott (Steve Carell), looking dashing in a suit and smiling happily at his former assistant (to the regional) manager. His opening line? "That's what she said."

We're still crying happily over his return. It was perfect. And absolutely our top moment of the night. Especially when he fondly watched his "children" Dwight, Angela (Angela Kinsey), Pam (Jenna Fisher) and Jim talked and laughed with each other at the next table.

2. One Last Song: When did you tear up most during the final moments of the episode? When Dwight called Pam his best friend? Or just the entire time Creed (Creed Bratton) played that song while everyone gathered for one final time within the walls of Dunder Mifflin? That finale scene was silly and real and heartwarming and touching and funny, all at the same time. It was The Office.

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3. Angela's Bachelorette Party: We can't decide what was more awkward: watching Meredith's stripper son dance on Angela, or watching Meredith watching her son dance on Angela? Either way, it was classic cringe-worthy Office fun.

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4. One Year Later: We loved the time jump, because catching up with everyone about what they've been up to since the documentary aired was like a mini-finale it itself. Even if some people's current situation were less than desirable…poor Toby (Paul Leiberstein). Always a man with six roommates writing a "great American novel" in New York, never the groom.

Plus, the audience at the reunion panel got to ask the characters questions that we've been dying to ask ourselves! And the woman who told Pam that she'd let Jim do anything may have been creepy, but she was correct. C'mon, we've always felt that way about Jim Halpert. Pam is a lucky girl.

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5. Pam's Final Gesture: How do you top that DVD montage from last week's episode? Pam somehow found a way. She gave Jim everything he's ever wanted: something more. He bought the house without telling her, and now she was selling it (with the help of Carol, played as always by Nancy Carell) without telling him. Because she knew it was time for him and the family to go to Austin so he could live his dream of working in sports marketing. It was one of the biggest and best gestures of the series, on par with Jim's confession on Casino Night way back in season two.

This may be our last story on The Office for a while (or ever), so excuse if we get a little choked up here.

Just head on down to the comments to talk about your favorite moments of the finale while we curl up into a ball and weep for a bit.

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